This award, presented annually in honor of William C. Chandler, Past President of The International Association of Lions Clubs, is a statistical award to recognize club membership growth.  There are three awards, with one to the club with the highest percentage gain with a beginning membership of nineteen or less, one with the highest percentage membership gain with a beginning membership of twenty to a closing membership of forty-nine, and one with the highest percentage gain with a beginning membership of fifty or more.  The award is given on the basis of beginning membership as of July 1 and closing membership as of June 30 as shown on the Membership Register of Lions Clubs International.

1980-81        Adamsville
1981-82        Muscle Shoals
1982-83        Montgomery
1983-84        Northport
1984-85        Adamsville
1985-86        Moulton
1985-86        Tuscumbia
1986-87        Enterprise
1987-88        Snead
1988-89        Snead
1989-90        Ashford
1990-91        Orange Beach
1991-92        Phenix City Russell 

                     1-19 Members                       20-49 Members                     50+ Members
1992-93        Uniontown                             Navoo                                    East Walker 

1993-94        Boldo                                     Dothan Wiregrass                  Forestdale 

1994-95        Jackson                                 Daleville                                 Killen 

1995-96        Tuscumbia                             Fort Payne                             Mobile
1996-97        Cahaba Valley                       Trussville                                Enterprise

2013-14        Town Creek                           Daleville                                  Athens 

2014-15        Huntsville – Von Braun          Gulf Shores                            Saraland 

2015-16        Leeds                                    Talladega                                Enterprise
2016-17        Orange Beach                       New Hope                              Athens
2017-18        Hoover                                   Headland                               Athens
2018-19        Leeds Lions Club                  Elba Lions Club                      Gulf Shores Lions

2020-21        Margaret Lions Club              Fort Payne Lions Club           Cullman Lions Club

2022-23        Rainsville                               Ashford                                  Huntsville Von Braun