This award may be presented annually in honor Tom C. Jones and his service as a Past International Director of our Association to a Lion who has demonstrated loyal and devoted service and/or other criteria developed by the Multiple District Council of Governors. The recipient of this award is selected by a committee appointed by the Multiple District Council of Governors. The District Lion of the Year Award recipients from each District of Multiple District 34 are automatically nominated for selection. Two or more nominations must be received for presentation of this award.

1981-82        PDG Frank Sims
1982-83        PDG Murray Sanders
1983-84        PDG Dr. Andrew Hosien
1984-85        PDG Joseph Colquitt
1985-86        PDG William Ray Belew
1986-87        Lion Billy Rau
1987-88        PDG James Goodwin
1988-89        Lion John M. “Mo” Ballew
1989-90        PDG Victor D. McCarley
1990-91        R. G. Cook
1991-92        PDG William Tisdale
1992-93        Dawson Christian
1993-94        Edris Hawthorne
1994-95        James L. Livingston
1995-96        J. C. Elsberry
1996-97        William C. Tisdale

2013-14        Gloria Williams
2014-15        Allen Neal
2015-16        Pedro M. Pino,Sr
2016-17        Iris Ethridge
2017-18        PDG John Tuten

2020-21       PDG Pedro Pino, Sr.