This award may be presented annually at the Lions of Alabama, Multiple District 34 Annual Convention in honor of Aubrey D. Green, Past President of The International Association of Lions Clubs.  This award is presented to a non-Lion citizen of Alabama or a person who is a native of Alabama who has made a significant contribution to a better community, state and nation through their personal business or professional life under criteria developed by the Multiple District Council of Governors.  The recipient is selected by a committee appointed by the Multiple District Council of Governors.  Nominees may be proposed by local Lions Clubs, District Governors, Committee Members, or individual Lions.  Two or more nominations must be received for presentation of this award.

Some of the award recipients: Ralph “Shug” Jordan,  Senator Jim Allen,  John Sparkman,  Charlie Boswell,  Dr. Alston Callahan, Dempsey Boyd,  Paul “Bear” Bryant,  John M. Harbert III,  Dr. William R. Lucas,  Dr. John W. Kirklin,  “Alabama”,  Joseph A. Colquitt,  Congressman Tom Bevill,  Jim Wilson, Jr.,  Joseph S. Bruno,  John F. Croyle, Chester Freeman, Dr. Buris Boshell,  George Wallace,  Eugene C. “Gene” Stallings,  Mayor Emory Folmar,  Dr. Frederick P. Whiddeon,  Senator Howell Heflin,  Mrs. Sheri Mills,  Steve James,  Dr. Sam Eichol,

2013-14        Dr. Rod Nowakowski
2014-15        Dr. Christopher La Ganke
2016-17        Coach Sarah Patterson
2017-18        Mr. Jimmy Wright
2018-19        Dr. Bill Goetter
2019-20        Christopher W. Wood
2020-21        Steve Hardwick
2021-22        Mary Kathryn Hope Carlton
2022-23        Stephanie Bryan